Adding Details for Bank Transfers


Not sure if this has been asked, why can you not add bank transfer details of people, companies, etc without sending money? I would like to add all my BACS list now rather than as I need to pay them. This will be very tedious when I swap over from Lloyds on the launch of the joint account!

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Would they not transfer over if you initiated a CASS from Lloyd’s?

Also will joint accounts support CASS at launch?


Maybe, I would like to move them manually, also I notice I cannot use the switching service from a Joint Account (Lloyds) to a single account (Monzo). Whether when the joint account launches this will change we will see.


That is how CASS works. You can not switch from any joint account to a single account, only joint to joint or single to single.

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CASS doesn’t move your outgoing payees. I’d really like to be able to pre-add them as well.

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I had the same problem when the CA launched. My ‘solution’ was to record all the account details in 1Password, and add them to Monzo as I need to make a transfer, but it would have been better to set them all up in Monzo at once.

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Does any other bank allow this?

I’ve always entered details as I’ve needed them so I’ve never really tried it.

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Yes, NatWest lets you through the web app


Lloyd’s does as well.


TSB does…even if nothing else works :wink:


And single to joint.

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