Adding Details for Bank Transfers

Not sure if this has been asked, why can you not add bank transfer details of people, companies, etc without sending money? I would like to add all my BACS list now rather than as I need to pay them. This will be very tedious when I swap over from Lloyds on the launch of the joint account!


Would they not transfer over if you initiated a CASS from Lloyd’s?

Also will joint accounts support CASS at launch?

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Maybe, I would like to move them manually, also I notice I cannot use the switching service from a Joint Account (Lloyds) to a single account (Monzo). Whether when the joint account launches this will change we will see.

That is how CASS works. You can not switch from any joint account to a single account, only joint to joint or single to single.

CASS doesn’t move your outgoing payees. I’d really like to be able to pre-add them as well.

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I had the same problem when the CA launched. My ‘solution’ was to record all the account details in 1Password, and add them to Monzo as I need to make a transfer, but it would have been better to set them all up in Monzo at once.

Does any other bank allow this?

I’ve always entered details as I’ve needed them so I’ve never really tried it.

Yes, NatWest lets you through the web app

Lloyd’s does as well.

TSB does…even if nothing else works :wink:

And single to joint.

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