Is it possible to switch a Monzo Joint Account to another bank via CASS?

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I think I know the answer, but just wanted to be sure. I have a monzo joint account with my partner. If I want to switch that account into another joint account with Halifax for example…would that be possible under the CASS scheme in order to transfer my DDs automatically rather than manually?

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Yes it would switch and close your monzo joint account

You’d need to check with the bank you are switching to what info they need

Thank you, I suppose they would only need the sort code, account number and the 16 digit debit card number. In that case, I hope either mine or my partners debit card number will be enough for the switch to happen.

I don’t have a joint account myself but I’ve seen people mentioning before you need both card numbers. This might vary depending on the bank


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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