RSS Feed

A quick question about the Monzo website - do you publish RSS feeds so I can hook into Slack, Feedly etc?

I’ve found which works for the main website, but I can’t find one for the blog posts - would you mind sharing the URL for it?


I have 3 Feedly sources for Monzo (setup in Feedly via browser by clicking on ‘+ ADD CONTENT’ then search for ‘Monzo’);

[Monzo – It’s time for a new kind of bank] - fed by the Monzo blog
[Monzo Bank Status - Incident History] (basically fed from
[Monzo Status - Incident History] (a hangover from the pre-paid days and I should probably nuke this feed now.

I’m sure I came across the RSS feed URL’s but can’t seem to find tham now :man_shrugging:

Thanks David, I have that setup too, but what I’m after is the content here which isn’t in any of those RSS feeds:

Might not do exactly what you wanted but the forum blog category is also an RSS feed. Just add .rss to the end of the url