Add Receipt Needs to be from iOS file locations, not just pictures

Some receipts, like the one I want to add, are PDF saves of electronic receipts. The exporting of an email receipt in iOS is PDF by default and not changeable so it would be better if the option to add a receipt accessed the new iOS files locations instead of just the camera roll. It could be a third option in the pop up?


Agreed! I’ve also thought about this the other way where Monzo is in the Share Sheet and if you try and open a file with Monzo you can attach it to a transaction as a receipt.

I remember James said in one of his posts on meet the team that he’d be keen to implement some of the older iOS functionality that provides good value add, like rich notifications. I think this would as well :hugs:


I’d also like to be able to ‘scan’ my receipts much like the app ‘Scanable’ and then have the option to save them in ‘files’ or anywhere for that matter (Dropbox, Google Drive etc)
Makes keeping expenses somewhere specific much easier.