OCR or "scanning" of receipts

At the moment, this app allows for photos of receipts, but it’d be great to have an OCR feature or at least a scanning feature like CamScanner does.

If OCR was achievable then showing it like the Flux receipts do would be great

On iPhone at least, with iOS 13, you can scan with the Files App and use that with the transaction.

You could technically do this with Android too, it’s just a faff having to use another app etc

Just looked a bit further into Files and I think it always scans as PDF which is not useable in Monzo as a receipt?

When I was at Cambridge, some of my friends built this: https://devpost.com/software/indisposed-desirable-javalina


Have a read of this thread

Also tryflux.com are working on the physical receipts also.


It unfortunately doesn’t do OCR to add proper text to the PDF, although it does produce a nice clean scan you can run through another tool.