'Add Money' via Apple Pay

Having become a recent user of Revolut, one of their features provides really great UX and saves a minute or so per transaction.

Basically, instead of transferring money into Monzo via your other Bank App or Website, it allows deposits via Apple Pay. You simply select the bank card and Face ID does the rest… simple.

I’m under no illusion this is a game changer, and I am aware there are other multiple ways to ‘add money’ to Monzo, I feel Apple Pay is the most seamless for iOS users.

This used to be present in Monzo, but was removed several years ago due to cost.

It’s likely not coming back.


Yes, Monzo have developed Easy Bank Transfer as an alternative, since it is almost as convenient but saves them significant costs.

Monzo.me did include Apple Pay in the past, but got removed.

You can still use Monzo.me to top up by card but there are limits.

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