Apple Cash 🍏 πŸ’°

Having waited for years for Apple Pay Cash (the Apple peer to peer payment format) to appear in the UK, now seems the appropriate time for Monzo to get in on this. Monzo with its existing infrastructure would make an ideal partner bank for rolling this out across the UK. Any plans? Failing that an iOS iMessage app from Monzo to enable peer to peer payments to be sent via iMessage would be the next best thing. From Monzo to any account not just Monzo to Monzo

Already exists. You can send and receive money to anyone via link.

They could steamlime it with iMessage integration, Barclays already do this on pingit. I’m surprised actually that monzo are behind on this.


I accept that the ’pay by link’ already exists but can be a little clunky at the receivers end. If it was fully integrated into iOS via the iMessage and/or mail apps the idea would be that the receiver just clicking on the link or accepting the payment via iMessage would put that money then straight into the receivers account without any need from the receiver to type receivers sort code, account numbers etc. I think it’s part way there but with a little TLC and fine tuning it could be truly great. :+1:

To do that they’d need a monzo account. In which case transfers between monzo users work instantly already without the need for links.

To get around the monzo account problem, monzo would need to support paym which is the closest thing to an Apple Cash type system, monzo don’t support this and have expressed no interest in it.