Add Money not opening relevent bank apps


When selecting add money to my monzo account it no longer opens the relevant banking app instead it diverts to the bank website which is annoying.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device:. A22
App Version:. 5.76.1


For me, it opens the website and then the website automatically opens the app that I have installed, not a Monzo bug, but a website one

It opens to this page:

The page has a redirect to open the app automatically

I’m on the beta app, and I only use NatWest as my other bank, but I don’t have this issue.
NatWest app opens directly without opening browser first.

This is unlikely to be a bug with the Monzo app, but rather your other banks app and Android settings. Monzo can’t force an app to open directly, it simply passes the url to the android OS which then decides what to do with it.

Check the permissions of the banking app in question. If all else fails, uninstall both your Monzo and other banking app, restart your phone (important) and then reinstall them.