Top up card limit

I was advised that I could link only one debit card to my Monzo USA account in order to top up my account. This doesn’t make sense to me. I have a couple of different debit cards and want to use all these cards to top up my Monzo account.
Monzo should look into it and allow multiple debit cards to be linked to Monzo USA.

It’s probably a beta limitation.

I was told this was quite intentional and for security reasons. It bit me in the rear when the first debit card I used to top-up I did solely to drain that account so I could close it, and then found I had to contact support so I could change it out (it is possible, but I was told it won’t be allowed very often).

But yeah, one of the things I was originally looking forward to would be to use Monzo as a supplement to my existing checking accounts with geographic limitations (my Discover checking account and debit card doesn’t work outside of North America, and frankly acceptance isn’t great outside of the US, and my Venmo card says it doesn’t work outside the US at all).

But yeah, count me in as another person preferring the ability to link more than one card. I don’t need to be allowed to link all of them, but just a couple.

Also, it would be a decent workaround for PayPal linking not working right now if they instead allowed you to link your PayPal debit card as a second card alongside your main bank debit card.


Appreciate your support on this point.
I note that Revolut USA allows anyone to link multiple debit cards which seems to be working well in favor of the customers.
As you said, Monzo USA is not working with PayPal.
I totally understand that Monzo is still in beta stage. But I hope Monzo takes note of these comments from beta users like you and I.

I am having this same issue and it’s unfair. I lost The card I was using to top up so naturally my bank issued a new card. Now I am having a problem linking the new card. I understand limiting cards to avoid fraud but when it’s another card from the same issuing bank, there should be no issue.

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Have support said no?

You need to contact the support and explain to them. They will ask you to send selfie photo to make this change from their side.

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Well, part of the problem with limiting to “same issuing bank” is that it still does leave the door open for fraud to a degree, especially if the issuing bank is a big bank with loads of customers. That said, allowing one or two changes a year without requiring support to get involved would be reasonable.

Also, I’m still stuck. I tried changing my card a while back, sent selfie photos and everything, and it still doesn’t work. Without a more detailed error message on the load screen, I have no idea whether the change didn’t quite take effect or if they just don’t support Discover cards.

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How long have you been trying to contact support with that issue? Their phone numbers are never answered and support on the app usually replies days later.

I actually can’t remember off the top of my head but I want to say at least two weeks. And if it’s just a matter of them not accepting Discover debit cards I’d rather they just tell me so I can link another card instead.

You can top up with cash at CVS