Add Contacts' Bank Account Info Within App

(Justin I'Onn) #1

Is there any way we could have an option to add our contacts’ bank account info within the app?

Here’s my rather shoddy mock-up of how it could look…

(Jake MacGregor) #2

I really like this idea, although you could just pressure all your friends into getting monzo

(Justin I'Onn) #3

Well, I’m going to do that as well. :smiley:

(Jolin) #4

Great idea! There’s been some discussion of this already, and Tristan indicated this is the plan. (click the :arrow_down_small: to see the full quote)

(Rumee Ahmed) #5

Yes but some of my friends are luddites

(Justin I'Onn) #6

I guess once you’ve added their bank info, the “ADD BANK DATA” prompt could display a “PAY CONTACT” prompt instead.


Well, that would be fabulous!