Associating a bank account with a contact

Now that current accounts are starting to roll out it’d be nice to be able to associate a friend’s bank details with their contact stored in the phone. So once set up I could just search for the contact and press pay, similar to how it works if my contact has a Monzo card. Just a thought! :blush:


100%. That’s the plan, so once you tap a contact, you can choose to pay them via Monzo-to-Monzo payments, bank transfer or carrier pigeon :slight_smile: And also choose which account of theirs to pay.


You do now know there will be a demand for this service… :grin:

Is this a reference to this protocol? :smirk:

It’d be awesome if there was better integration between your Monzo contacts and the contacts on your phone. Currently if a contact has Monzo, this works pretty well - contact icon and name are pulled from your phone contacts.

But for example, my flatmate has two accounts: one with Monzo, and one with Santander. In my “payments” screen I have two entries. One is the Monzo entry for him “Jon Doe”, with photo, etc. The other is from when he paid me via Santander and says “MR J F DOE” all caps, with no photo, etc. Would be good if I could link these two accounts to one contact, so I could just tap on “Jon Doe” in my list, and it’d give me two accounts to choose from.

Additionally, would be great if you could integrate with the Contacts app somehow, such that you could go into a contact and have a “pay Jon Doe” button in there which would link you straight out to the Monzo app with the relevant details.

Anyway, just a couple of idle thoughts, both pretty minor as I’m sure Monzo have much bigger, more important things to work on at the moment! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there is an existing thread on this :slight_smile:
But yes, this is what I think is planned. The current payments functionality works, but isn’t great and is due to be replaced with something more permanent. What exists at the moment is very much an MVP.

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Are there still plans to do this? I’d love to assign accounts (not just those with Monzo) to my contacts. At the moment, it’s all a bit of a mess with payments. Thanks, Paul


This would be great to have contracts adjoined with bank details.