Add Aqua to ‘Other accounts in Monzo’

Monzo talks a big game about supporting those having issues with their credit score, but I can’t add my credit builder card to Monzo! I’ve used Aqua for years and see no reason to switch to anybody else.

Could this be added?

Settings > Labs > “Test other accounts in Monzo”

Then add the Aqua account.

You should look at other cards though!


Thankyou for your reply! Sorry, I probably should have noticed. I had no idea Labs had that option.

I did go ahead and try, since it’s in labs probably worth mentioning it didn’t work?


Hello Jade, welcome to the community! :wave:

I know this will sound very odd, but there is a bug with the NewDay API which means it isn’t always possible to approve Open Banking connections such as to Monzo through their apps, but everything generally works without their app installed. To get around this, you can temporarily “offload” the app from your iPhone, make the connection and put it back it again afterwards.

The steps to try this are as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, scroll down to Aqua, then select Offload App.

  2. Try connecting again in the Monzo app (without the Aqua app installed).

  3. You will be redirected to the NewDay portal in Safari. Complete the approval from here.

  4. Once your account is successfully connected (hopefully), simply press on the Aqua app icon on your phone to re-download the app, make sure it works by logging in (your app data should all still be there but you may have to re-enable Face ID) and everything should be fine!

I’d you still have Aqua’s legacy Aqua Rewards card then this is actually a great card, so I would hang on to it, but also maybe consider taking out another credit card too as it’s always good to have a backup. If you have used your Aqua card for years and managed it well then you will probably be eligible for lots of cards by now as you will have built up plenty of positive credit history.

There are always a few options in Monzo Labs as well, so if you like trying out new things in the Monzo app then have a look there occasionally. Generally, when new features first appear in Labs, Monzo staff do a post about it here on the Community so check back here too and you will be first to know.

I hope this helps!

Hi Seb,
Thanks so much for your reply!

So I tried doing this, thought it would work, but unfortunately the error showed up again, this time it happened right after submitting my 2fa code!

Thanks for trying anyway!

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I wonder if it has something to with this, found in the aqua app?

Maybe just isn’t available anymore.

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Hi Jade, how annoying - it looks like you were so close!

It could be that they are doing some maintenance or systems upgrade to their API. It has gone offline in the past for short periods (which has been problematic as sometimes they “break” the existing authorisations you have and you need the set them up again!) so that could be why.

Possibly try again in a couple of days, during the daytime if you can?

I would also make sure Monzo is not showing in the list of Third Party Permissions before you do try again (assuming the system comes back up soon). If Monzo is there, remove any Monzo entires by deleting the authorisations first, so you have a clean slate before another attempt. For some reason, this sometimes helps.

NewDay’s API is quite flaky in general (now you see why it’s in Monzo Labs and not released generally) but I’ve found most of the issues with it are to do with authorisation - so once you have got it working, eventually, it seems to normally sync data without any problems.

Good luck with it! :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for your help and the explanation :slight_smile: