Which NewDay credit cards do you want to see?

I’m looking into adding support for NewDay credit cards to Monzo Plus & Monzo Premium. This would be part of “Other accounts in Monzo”, so you can see your spending in the Monzo app, and include your credit card in Trends.

NewDay apparently power a lot of different credit card brands in the UK.

A lot of credit cards.

And so, with @Peter_G’s help, I bring you a poll: which of their credit cards should we prioritise first?

So the results are easier to make sense of, you only get one vote. If you have more than one, pick your favourite. Choose wisely!

Which credit card do you have? (pick one)
  • Amazon
  • Aqua
  • Argos
  • Bip
  • Burton
  • Debenhams
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Evans
  • Fluid
  • House of Fraser
  • Laura Ashley
  • Marbles
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Opus
  • Outfit
  • TUI
  • TopShop
  • Topman
  • Wallis
  • None of these

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Thank you for the pie chart, I see you have exquisite taste

I already regret it :joy:


It’ll be fine :joy:


It’s all the options across the bottom that are stretching it out too wide and outside of the container (the forum structure).

Quick edit it before you get some more votes :rofl:

Turns out I have several NewDay cards :sweat:

Is the ‘none of these’ meant to be for people who do have a NewDay credit card but it isn’t listed? Or for people who don’t have one at all?

I’d like to see the results but don’t want to mess your figures up if the ‘none of these’ is still going to be relevant as an indicator of other NewDay cards.

I tried to edit it, to no avail :cry:

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Sorry I should have been more clear. You can’t edit a poll after it has received votes so what I meant was delete it and re-create it before you get more votes that will ultimately be lost.

Or you can just do some inline CSS editing to view it properly at a later date… like this:

This is intended to be an exhaustive list of NewDay brands, so “None of these” should be right :+1:


Yeah, that seems easiest—done :+1:

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I’m disappointed :frowning:

I did not endorse the pie chart.


I have none of these cards because I don’t have a NewDay branded card, so it’s good that it was reset because I voted “none of these” :see_no_evil:

But that’s the correct option! How can I make that clearer? :see_no_evil:


@tjvr is there a technical difference behind the scenes in onboarding these? Naieve me thought that they’re probably pretty much the same, if not identical.

I see no pie, might retract my vote

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Put it on the side of a bus?

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Good sense has prevailed!

Are these credit cards that limit you to one merchant?

Or simply have a sticker on them of a brand name for fun?