Add a banner/notfication for when wifi is disabled in hidden app settings

For about 9 months I thought my phone/app was bugged as I couldnt even after uninstalling and restoring phone use the monzo app on wifi.

I finally got round to sending a message to monzo yesterday and suddenly thought I haven’t checked the random android app settings on my phone. Where I found a disable wifi option.

Theres nothing on the app to tell you wifi has been disabled, but it acts as if you are struggling for an internet connection.

I also would expect after a complete uninstall of the app the settings would reset but clearly this was not the case.

Would of saved my frustration this being way more clear and Monzo CS time as I was speaking with someone yesterday.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Is that an OS or Monzo issue?

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I’m afraid this is just user error.

Should your chosen messenger app tell you that you won’t hear the noises as your phone is on silent?

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It wouldn’t surprise me if apps aren’t allowed to access that info in the 1st place, so in that case they wouldn’t know about it.

If you’re struggling for an internet connection then first port of call should have been checking your internet connection. You’d have then found that your wifi was disabled in your phone settings.

Unless I’m mistaken I’m not sure how you’ve concluded this to be a Monzo issue. Wouldn’t you have the same issue with all your other apps - like buffering on YouTube for example?

I believe the person posting means they managed to toggle a setting on Android to not allow the Monzo app to work using wi-fi.

Edit - like this


Also I tried it out myself and the Android OS warns you every time unless you actually tell it to never do this. Although maybe it works different on other versions. Either way complete user error.


Ahhhh I see. I was trying to understand what they’d done. Perhaps that’s it then :man_shrugging:

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You’re certainly over analysing my intent, but thanks for spitting some venom back, have a pleasant day :grinning:


You should find an Android community to make that suggestion, then. The feature that disabled WiFi is an OS feature, Monzo don’t have any control over it.


It’s from your phone, not the app. You’re looking at this the wrong way around.

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I knew this didn’t end well when I saw the OP from 22 hours ago was already deleted.

A bit like ranting at Esso because the low fuel indicator on their car didn’t work.


Oh I’d not realised he’d legged it already. I just loved the reply back to me :rofl:

Like thanks muchly :heart:

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Caused a member to rage quit after one comment on their only topic - that’s a first :trophy:

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