Frozen card & notifications

I set up my Plus card on PayPal on Friday, got an active card check, all good in the hood.

I’ve just had another one come through, interestingly this one is in dollars, but the PayPal string at the bottom says GBR. Not sure if this is PayPal being slow or my card could be compromised.

I’ve frozen my card for now until I decide what to do, but just curious if I’ll know if someone was to try it.

I’m pretty sure you get a notification still if someone tries to use your card whilst frozen, and it’ll explain ‘declined because frozen’ or something similar.

Edit: could always just try buy a song on iTunes or something else cheap and see what happens to be sure?

I’m forever forgetting to unfreeze my card, you’ll get a notification if it’s used, along with a entry in the transaction feed to say it’s declined due to been frozen.

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Splendid! Thank you.

I’ll see if I get anything in the next few days. Not sure if I should replace it for this or not. Might just do it to be safe.

PayPal has done similar to me but the initial card check was euros then about a hour after they sent me 1p then again when I tried to add my card to a age verification site without even purchasing anything it did a card check.

Been on PayPal for years and they’ve always randomly done similar stuff to me.

I think PayPal randomly does it to check, I was the same I got super paranoid over it.

Imo the card name has to match the PayPal name so it’s unlikely someone has used your card for paypal