Paypal Active Card Check Code can't be seen

Hi, I need the code from my paypal active card check and this is not being displayed on my monzo account screen. I can see the payments £0 have been made by paypal, but not the code. I downloaded the statements, thinking the codes would be on there, but the payments themselves don’t show up on the statements. How can I see the code please?

If you click on the transaction in your feed, then scroll, you should find the code in the grey text at the bottom of the screen.

I thought that you just had to confirm the amount that was taken :man_shrugging: It has been ages since I’ve done this though.

Thanks, but that’s a very long number, not a 4 digit code.

That’s odd. It’s probably worth trying the process again from PayPal’s end.

From my experience, they perform an active card check (like the one you describe) when you add the card to your wallet. However, if you want to remove spending and withdrawal limits, you need to confirm your card. That’s a separate step on the PayPal website; if you go into the Wallet, and select your card, there should be a “Confirm card” option. That will generate a transaction with a verification code.

I’ve just managed to sort it, by requesting a new code. This showed up as a message on Monzo with the code, so not on the actual statement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep a few years back that’s what it was.
Nowadays they send a 4 digit number along with the £0.1 transaction where it says " pending " at the bottom of it.

Yea normally it comes up at
*PP CODE 1234

I’ve done this recently, too

Hi, I am having the exact same issue. Where are the messages, i can only see a 11 digit number at the bottom of the statement

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