Active card checks

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Why did amazon randomly take £1 out of my account then put it back in? I’ve only ever used it to pay for something on amazon back in May this year??

(Simon B) #2

Hi Gill, that’s called an “Active Card Check” - a small payment that a merchant puts through, and then refunds, simply to check whether a customers card is valid or not.


Scammers will also do active card checks by making very small payments or charity donations, I understand.

(Gill) #4

Was just a bit worried as I haven’t used it in around six months on Amazon and only ever used once thanks though


If you stored your card on their system and did not delete it after use they do check the cards stored on their system occassionally and then email you if it has expired or been cancelled and suggest you add a new card


uber used to do this too, don’t know if they still do

(Herp Derp) #7

They do still check, this happened just as I booked.

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