Active bank check not being refunded

I found mine from last month when I was getting ready for Game of Thrones. Took 8 days.


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Cool thanks! Will prob see it some time next week then.

Again just want to say, I’m not like “where is that 10p I need it now” kinda thing :joy: just wondering about it :blush:


I’ve just added my Monzo card to Tesco Pay+ and it did an Approval for QuikPay (Which is the old name for Pay+) at £0.00 and it then automatically spent £2.00 for me against Tesco, it shows as a Pending Transaction: Tesco Pay Plus Card Check GBR.

Will I get this refunded??

Unless Tesco actually collects it (which I doubt) then, yes at some point.

Strictly, you still have it. It’s just reserved.

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@Feathers - Just not sure why they took £2 in the first place, as a Approval Check was done that showed it as £0.00. Plus I added my card to GPay and there approval was for £0.00 so why can’t Tesco do this?? Just Annoying.

I’ve got an Amazon £1 from yesterday which is irritating enough. £2 would just annoy.

Have you tried reversing it yourself through the Help tab?

No, in case Pay+ then just removes my card. Will wait possibly upto 72hrs to see what happens before doing anything.

The reversal is purely an internal Monzo thing, the Pay+ people won’t see it. It removes the reservation (with the caveat that if the company actually claims the money then it will be taken again).

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Is it not a requirement that they should be charging £0 or is it not enforced?

You would have thought so, considering it’s just a validation of the card really.

Happened to me recently. Keep an eye on your account, mine took about a week.

Edit: just looked it up. It took from 3/1/19 till 11/1/19

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Tesco Pay always charge £2 to your card and then reverse it when you add a new card to their app

It’s happened to me several times - and in fact the app mentions it during the card sign up process.


Same. They do it all the time. Its incredibly annoying.


Can’t remember as added my card from my Main Bank account (the one where my Salary goes) got added to Pay+ ages ago.

This got refunded to me last night :slight_smile:

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