Activation TopUp rejected

I am trying to activate my card using my German MasterCard (Number26 or N26) firstly charged £ 1 , there after message says Security code incorrect , I am sure I entered all correct, German national( I am UK residence) but still using N26 account, they refunded £1 back immediately after few minutes, what’s the solution

Hey. Is your mastercard a debit or credit card?

MasterCard is Debit card

I just tried with my wife’s Master credit card it’s the same…

email and they will sort it out for you - I don’t think you can top up with a credit card - never tried a credit card though ???

You can’t top-up with a credit card.

Can’t topup with a credit card or charge card or prepaid cards. Only debit cards will work. As N26 is relatively new, the BIN on the card might have been used with another type of card not allowed and :mondo:'s payment processor hasn’t updated their BIN lists. As @anon95680666 says, your best bet is to email them and they will check out what is going on.

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It appears N26 use wirecard as well. I wonder if they think it’s a form of prepaid card.

N26’s BIN 517337 is showing as a prepaid card (same as Monzo) which is why it is being declined.

What is BIN stand for?

It is the first 6 digits of a bank card. The bank identification number indicates what financial institution issued the card

The term issuer identification number (IIN) is increasingly used interchangeably with bank identification number (BIN).

Is anyone having problem topup with revolut card? I am trying my first £100 topup to get the card…

isn’t revolut a pre paid card like Monzo, rather than a debit card - you need to top up with a traditional bank debit card - presumably so that Monzo can carry out some security / financial checks on you

what are credit / debit / pre paid cards

although the link is for US cards it is similar to UK

I was able to toppup my Monzo card with Revolut card with no issue earlier (thought the initial £100 topup I did with a regular debit card)

Polish card in GBP BIN 557506 is not working as well. Worked before with another mondo account. Can you please investigate?

I can confirm that BIN from ALIOR BANK is a MasterCard Debit card not a Credit card so it should be OK

I am happy to inform you guys after 100 try’s my N26 card accepted my first initial £100 topup, my Monzo card is on the way…Btw what I get as welcoming pack? Only monzo card?:grinning:

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A :mondo: card in really nice paper

the Kudos of having a Monzo card ?