Amazing Paper!

(Dan Warriner) #1

This may be just me being a bit of a stationary nerd but I’m dying to know what paper the letter that comes with the cards is? It’s soooo thick!

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(Samuel Michael) #2

Hey @warriner pleased you like our letters! Trust me, there is nothing wrong in enjoying the touch, smell and taste of paper erm… anyway, yeah i’m a bit of a paper nerd too. heres some facts for ya nerdy enjoyment! :smile:

Paper: 200gsm Arco Uncoated
Printing: 4 Colour 1 side only
Finishing: Crease, slit cut, trim, 2 folds to 99x210mm

(Robbie) #3

I thought you were being weird when I first saw this post but OH MY GOD! Just got mine through the post yesterday - THAT ENVELOPE PAPER THOUGH. :gem: