Activated new Plus card

Does my old Hot Coral card automatically become unusable as soon as I activate my new Plus card?

I.e. Will I need to update my payment details on my subscriptions etc, or will the old card details continue to work?

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You’ll need to switch to using your new card details when you’ve activated your new card! :slight_smile:


I presume you mean “once I’ve activated my NEW card”, but thanks :+1:


how do i access my monzo if phone is stolen and i only have ipad and laptop but its very minimal. Block card and see transactions. Can’t do transfers or anything else.

You should be able to load the app on to an iPad. You’ll need to search for iPhone compatible apps rather than iPad compatible apps.

e: this has the advantage that logging in on an iPad will log you out on the phone. Change your email password if you haven’t already.