Activate Monzo without app

Hi guys! Mi card supposed arrive yesterday but I still waiting for…
My question is, if samebody took my card, can they use without activate through the APP? I mean Is me the only person that can activate the Card?I’m a bit worried if someone has taken my debit card from the post box and is spending my £100

Im sure you have to log in and activate the card via your device.


The card isn’t registered to you until you receive and activate it through your login. Rest easy; your £100 is safe in your account :wink:


My card just arrived :slight_smile:

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If someone does take your card and spends your money, remember you’ll still get the instant notifications on your phone. Should that happen, just freeze your card straight away and report your card as stolen through the in-app chat to :monzo: Monzo.

Monzo’s got your back :grinning:


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