Barclaycard incorrect open banking data

Is anyone else with a Barclaycard connected account seeing incorrect data come through?

I have:

  • one whole month missing
  • duplicated pending transactions
  • duplicated transactions (one pending, one settled)

They look fine in Barclaycard’s own app, but the same incorrect data shows on Monzo and on other open banking apps I connect, so it must be a problem with Barclays’ feed.

I just wanted to ask if others are also getting this or is it a problem with my own Barclaycard account only.

No problems here.

Have you tried disconnecting and re-connecting the account?

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Yes, and also I see exactly the same erroneous data in every other app I connect it to (Emma, Money Dashboard, etc).

Yep, seen all of this recently. It appears to correct itself with the next sync, though.

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Ah that’s hopeful. But what next sync do you mean? I am syncing frequently throughout the day. Perhaps it will resolve itself in a few days?

One example is that a purchase that has moved from pending no longer shows in the feed at all for what appears to be the first sync. After the next sync it shows in the feed. The balance is correct throughout, though.

Yes, the balance is correct at all times, I forgot to mention that.

But I still see the same transactions both pending and settled, as well as another one that’s still pending, but twice.