Account freeze

On 9th of June, I asked a simple question via chat as I have read a lot complaints about Account Freezing.
All I want to know is that I am expecting £24,000 from my pension pot and what do I need to do to avoid account freeze.
Upon reminding that I am still waiting for an answer on 16th June, I was given an unbelievable reply that their specialists are working on it.
This is beyond comprehension. It is not a huge amount and since there are so many complaints about this topic, one would expect Monzo would be able to guide their customers.

If the funds are coming from a legitimate pension provider and your of pension age then I can’t see any issues.

If your not of pension age and the funds come from a personal or overseas account then I can see them being more concerned.

We are just customers and can’t say why you have got the response you have.

Hi Nadeem :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’ve had a long wait for a reply.

We’ve written a pretty helpful blog post about the topic which you can find here.

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These days the minute you mention account freezing in a support query you are likely to be sent down the ‘specialist’ route (ie. Fraud team can deal with this hot potato) or you’ll get the ‘here is our blog post about why we sometimes freeze accounts’ response.

Having read and understood your question without just skimming it for keywords (basically the question is “I’ve heard some people have their accounts blocked when receiving lump sums, how do I avoid this when receiving a lump sum from my pension provider?”).

The correct answer is that you don’t need to do anything and your account should not be frozen for receiving however much money from your pension provider.

The only reason you need to worry about having an account frozen is if you are doing something fraudulent.

I’ve had all sorts of gambling transactions and tens of thousands in payments and receipts both home and abroad and never had any problem with Monzo.

Do let us know how you get on with receiving your money…


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