Unable to create UK account

I’m currently living in New York, but am transfering to London for work in a couple weeks.
I already have my new UK phone number, and tried to create my Monzo account now so that I will have it all set up and ready with some funds available on my move day.
I went through the account creation steps on the app, and at the end got a “Unfortunately we can’t offer you a Monzo account” screen, with a cifas link.
I’m not sure why this happened, from what I read cifas is a UK fraud prevention system, but I have never lived in UK yet (and for what it’s worth my credit history in USA has always been excellent).
Maybe I mis-entered some information in the process, but now my email is ‘locked’, and if I try to restart the process using a different email, it says my phone number is already in use.

I would email them (help@monzo.com) or give them a call.

it’s just a generic message about cifas they always put, it doesn’t necessarily means you committed any fraud, it could just be down because you never lived in the u.k. there’s no information on any credit reference agencies here yet, maybe you can try starling bank or open an account with another u.k. bank

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Thanks I have reached out to help@monzo.com, and after quite some delays got a very disappointing opaque response:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you a Monzo account. We’re unable to provide you with any further information about this.

Besides that I’m still living in USA for the next couple weeks, I don’t see why I can’t create an account; but now even once I am all settled in London I won’t be able to do anything since both my email and UK phone numbers have been ‘blocked’.

It’ll be this; you need to live in the UK to open a UK account.

As @lumisota states, you have been flagged as not living in the UK. It doesn’t matter if you plan to live in the UK, you are currently living in the USA. You need a UK address. If you gave a UK address on sign up (as you already have a place to live here), it would probably have flagged your IP as not in the UK.

Monzo has multiple processes to stop people trying to get around the system using different email addresses. You mobile will be locked into Monzo for 6 years due to UK financial regulations.

I fear you will not be allowed an account right now, even if you moved, due to the IP flag. I would look at Starling Bank for now and come back to Monzo when you are settled in the UK.

Get yourself settled in the UK so that you meet the requirements, then reach out to Monzo and see what they say :slight_smile:

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