Accidentally entered the wrong email

Hello someone transferred me money using but they entered the wrong email. This will effect me?

You don’t enter email addresses.

Do you mean someone has put in a address that wasn’t your account and then sent it? In that case they will need to contact Monzo and get them to refund the money.

You enter an email address for a receipt :slight_smile:


In any event, no it won’t affect the OP. The sender won’t get a receipt. Some random person may do, though.

That’s what I mean, she missed a E out of the name on her email by mistake and it got sent to a random person, will this effect me?

How could it affect you?

You have a lot of issues don’t you!

Affect you how? Did you get the money? The other person just won’t get a receipt?

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Depends what is on the receipt. Some random person (if the email address exists, and if it didn’t end up in a spam folder) will know that someone sent someone else an amount of money.