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Hi my friend sent 30 pounds o mozo link i sent her. Name hayleycohen. She has does this before no problem. Today haven’t received any money. Had a look my monzo me name os Hayleycohen7. Is it possible that there is another Hayley Cohen. She sent receipt so deffo gone. Spoke to monzo. Said payment team look into it. As not in my account. Any help plz

Only Monzo via in-app chat can help.

This forum is not appropriate to discuss personal individual transactions issues.


Of course it’s possible there is more than one person with that name. This is likely why your name has the number 7 after it.

It sounds like you made an error by typing your link instead of sharing it.

Either way nobody on here can help with this. Continue speaking to Monzo though in app chat and I’m sure they’ll do their best to recover your money.


I’ve just checked and there are two people with the same name who own a Monzo account. So it would appear from what you’re saying that your friend has sent money to someone else.

Hopefully it can be recovered :crossed_fingers:

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I think you can custom your link
Maybe change it completely different so no one can make that mistake in the future like put your surname first

Mine is my first name and just my last name initial to keep it short. I’m not sure whether changing your link is still a Monzo Plus feature or not :thinking:

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Pretty sure changing your monzo URL is no longer a plus feature. Pretty glad I managed to grab /LP

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