Accessing notifications from the help team

Hi there… the support from the team is very quick and efficient, but I wonder if notifications received could be accessed easier. It is inuitive because within the app you simply click where you see the number indicating your notification alert. But I wonder we could get to it quicker. For example when the notification appears on the lock screen of the phone, perhaps thus could open straight up to the message sent by the help team. Or at least when you open the app, for there to be a way to press just one button or link for notifications. At the minute you need to press ‘help’ since this is where the notification appears, and then scroll down to click another option to access the message. Minor, but just thinking about how to make everything as quick and easy as possible. :slight_smile:

If you are on iOS and you swipe across the notification on the lock screen and then unlock your phone, you should be taken directly to the conversation.

I believe that’s how it works as I’ve not had to speak to support for some time now. Not sure about Android unfortunately.

Hi Ben, thanks for much for your response. That is how it normally works on iOS but I’ve tried that on the Monzo notifications I’ve received and I’ve just been invited to unlock my phone and then navigated to my phone’s home screen. I definitely can’t rule out either me just not swiping properly or that my handset is passed it’s best though, so I’ll try it again next time I receive one.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Ah okay maybe it never worked like that then, I know that’s normal behaviour for iOS so just assumed that would be the case for Monzo. Would be great if they could build that in though.

Thanks again Ben. Hopefully it can be, if indeed it’s not already like that and it’s just me or my handset failing. So are you a member of the support team or a community member? Is writing something within this community the correct or best way to get it to those who develop the app, or would the best way be to go directly to them through messenger?
Andy :blush:

I’m a Community Leader, a normal user with allocated ‘cleaning’ powers to help keep discussion on track. Here is probably your best bet, a lot of the staff do check the forums and it’s one of the things I :heart: about Monzo.

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if you just have a user issue on the design or layout or features this sure is the best place, but if you have anything too deep and techie about the workings of the app there is a Slack channel developers and programmer types can join

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