Access to Flex balance from API?

Experimenting with the API in the playground…

/accounts has one account, of type “uk_monzo_flex”, and several accounts of type “uk_monzo_flex_backing_loan”

If I use /balance?account_id=<id here> with the account ID for my main “uk_retail” account, it works as expected.

However, using the account ID for my “uk_monzo_flex”, it shows a balance of 0. I kinda get that, as it’s not a true account or pot, so the concept of a balance doesn’t necessarily apply. But it would be useful to be able to query the total debt from Flex through the API.

As for all the “uk_monzo_flex_backing_loan” accounts…

The API shows that I do not have sufficient permissions. So even working around this issue by querying all of these backing loans is not possible at present:

  "code": "forbidden.insufficient_permissions",
  "message": "Access forbidden due to insufficient permissions",
  "params": {
    "client_id": "REDACTED",
    "user_id": "REDACTED"
  "retryable": {}

Is this a known issue, and are there any workarounds?

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Is this because they merge the flex balance into our current account balances? I find it quite confusing.

E.g. if I have £200 in my current account and £50 debt on flex: monzo shows my current account balance as £150. This also feeds £150 into Yolt and Money Dashboard instead of £200.

See, I was thinking that, but the numbers don’t add up.

Currently on £-22.20 balance on my account, with a £2000 overdraft limit
£1500 flex limit, with £471.95 available to use

API says:

  • balance:-2220 = (£-22.20 - correct)
  • total_balance:165606 (£1656.06)
  • balance_including_flexible_savings:165606

From the API docs

total_balance = The sum of the currently available balance of the account and the combined total of all the user’s pots.

Which… yes. £1656.06 is the correct figure there.

So doesn’t appear that flex balance is included in there at all.

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