Are the Flex and current accounts balances combined?

Hey, so I said previously said I was approved for Flex, I have a £250 limit which I will decrease to £150.

If I do apply, let’s say I had £650 in my current account balance, will it show as £-150 in the Flex account and will the current account show as £500?

This is just an example.


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I’ll probably just wait until I’ve got employment (yes I was approved despite saying I’m unemployed on benefits with less than £20K income through the Monzo app, I get about £8K yearly right now on PIP).

£691 monthly on PIP is not safe for Flex.

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Where? I have a flex balance and that shows completely separate to my current account balance in app.

And if OP is asking about credit reporting, they’re completely separate things, too.


Maybe seek out some support/guidance for your finances as you’ve made a few posts and don’t seem to know how it all works.

Much better to get some advice before you spend.


Monzo have a financial health and also a vulnerable customers team.

There’s also Citizens Advice and the Money Advice Service. I’m not sure what OP is asking exactly, but agree with you, some support wouldn’t hurt.

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The figure top right is accounts/pots minus Flex.

I have money in my account/pots but more on Flex, so I’m on a minus. But not overdrawn.


I have no idea where that screen is. But you’re right, if you select accounts, pots and flex in Trends → Balance, it will combine them all.


That’s the main list of pot

If you’re looking at your recent transactions, press your avatar top left.

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Maybe because I’m New Nav, I can’t reproduce what you’re telling me. I love how straightforward it is to navigate the Monzo app :upside_down_face:

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Oh yeah, I have that off in labs so I’m using the normal App Store version

Anyway, OP, if you have £150 credit and don’t spend it, it doesn’t matter. If you spend all £150, your main account balance remains the same but there is a figure that shows your overall balance. Account + pots - Flex

Thank you for your understanding.

I do actually know how Flex works and how BNPL does work, I just wanted to verify if what I ask is true or not.

I used Klarna in the past many times without issue and don’t owe any money to them. I do wish to go to Flex as it seems nicer, especially when the physical card is done being tested.

I’ve seen posts where you have - balance, you’re not actually owing money but it’s for the Flex account.

The amount deposited goes to Flex, and that’s when the £-150 for example in Flex occurs. Then your account has £500 in your current account for example.

I wasn’t exactly asking about credit reports here.

My credit score is meh, almost 600 so its fine. I was able to open a sim only with EE and I was eligible for Flex (which I am surprised about).

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