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Starting to regret this already :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh well, free switching money at some point then I can just move again if it’s a pain.

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The one thing i will say is that the staff in branch were really great. I think like most places (at least those that are still left with both brands), the NatWest 2 doors down gets 90% of the business, so the RBS staff are just pleased to see anyone in there lol! Friendly, helpful, no queue, everything i don’t get in just about every other bank i’ve been with. The guy saw i had just opened the account and really made me feel like i could get help from them if i needed to.


I’ve got one with the NatWest app as you can’t pay more than £250 the same day unless you login via their website first and pay the specific account/sort through the website version which of course you can do on your phone. The app doesn’t generate a login token so its a mess of customer id/pin/password, surely if you have fingerprint enabled thats more secure than someone who’s got your banking login :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t get me started on their ‘Chat’ system :man_facepalming:


Actually theres another (probably a few) with NatWest, so when you switch they take your current Direct Debits over but won’t show them to you.

Yes really, they’ll only magically appear when someone attempts to collect money. So remember to delete any inactive before switching.

I asked in chat can you see them and they pasted in all of them in, so they have the info but decided not to display them to the customer for no reason.


The irony is that the app is better than most. I do wonder where these “rules” come from. Someone at some point thought this was a great idea :man_shrugging:


Next issue, so I need to make a payment today and it’s way more than £250, login to their online site eventually, fill the account, sort, money and goes you need a card reader for this, that’ll take a couple of days. Go on the chat and they say your only option is to call to make the payment or visit us in branch (I don’t think any are open 7:30pm).

I questioned why are they still using card readers when other legacy use apps to generate tokens, and why not send it out when I opened the account as paying people is kind of key part of banking. Their response was we wait for the customer to order one as not everyone needs it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just used most of my Monzo monthly spend to make the payment. :sweat:


My RBS account is finally open, only took 22 days!

(To be fair, I lost a week because I didn’t know I needed to sign and send the form back… because their welcome letter listed it as an alternative option to submitting photo ID online when I actually needed to do both :man_facepalming:)

Still no clue on the status of my switch, let’s see what happens when my pack appears in the post…


Ooh, I have a new Smile related one…

Smile have redone their website again - and in doing so invalidated my password as they have have change the requirements

And of course they didn’t say anywhere that they had done this

And of course I only found out when I tried to login into the website because the app want working again …

And they are launching a new mobile app, that required you to be able to login on the website so I will need to reset my password yet again


Ditch them! They don’t deserve your dedication :smirk:


Sadly I can’t. Partner is US and we’ve had the account since before the days of FACTA so they don’t know he’s US.

Any new account will specifically ask :persevere:

Thankfully it’s just the joint account for bills so generally chugs along quite happily.


AFAIK, existing accounts do have to be reported, but only above the USD 50K threshold for individuals, so I’d keep below that, I suppose.


lmao got my debit card today and just tried to add it to Android Pay

Only confirmation option was “Call Bank”

“Our offices are closed. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm, we are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays”



Have you registered on online banking and/or the app? I did that first and got the option to authenticate via the app or via text message

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I’m sure First Direct let you Activate Google Pay via SMS after using the card chip and PIN once but I have never worked out Lloyds criteria


I had not, didn’t think I had the info required yet. Did all the signup and it’s still saying call only. Thanks though.


This drives me crazy. Surely it costs them a fortune to answer all these calls AND it’s so unnecessary anyway.


Finally got round to calling RBS to add my card to Google Pay

Call warned of long waiting times, thankfully that didn’t turn out to be the case

However they can’t add the card to Google Pay until I have a physical card reader active on my account, otherwise it won’t let them get to the required parts of the system

“”“Thankfully”"" I have one on the way already, as I had to order one because you aren’t allowed to set up a standing order, or pay more than 500£ a day from the mobile app until you’ve paid that payee from the online banking

Which you aren’t allowed to do without a card reader that they don’t send by default

Switching bonus day can’t come soon enough


I’ve never understood why online banking would be so much more secure. Good luck with the switching bonus!


Anyone know how much it might cost to send a letter of type and size below? Trying to work out whether it’s cost more to notify me of interest drop than bank will make on my account…

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Any other users of the OneAccount here? They were innovative in 2004 when I joined up and I can honestly say there hasn’t been any innovation since. It is exactly the same interface as far as I can tell. And, get this, you can only transfer £1000 at a time from their account as “it reduces risk”. They don’t seem to realise that you can just transfer £1000 multiple times. I would leave but joint CASS doesn’t work from them yet…