Ability to set withdrawal limits

Dear Monzo,

First of all, thank you! Your current account and the ability to block gambling transactions has saved my life!
However, unfortunately I recently fell off the wagon and placed a bet :(.

Is there any chance that in the future, I can have the ability to restrict how much money I can get out from an ATM a day? I put a £250 bet on but if I had the restriction, I think this would have helped!

And yes… I know that the only person who can stop gambling is me, but having these tools at my disposal help lots!

Thank you,

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If you contact Monzo in app I’m sure that they will reduce your limit :slight_smile:

They have a dedicated team to work with people in situations like yours. You can read more about them below:


As above, you can do this now. You just need to ask.


I have restrictions on my card limit and they offered to reduce my atm limit as well

Just ask, they’re really friendly and are used to these kinds of requests


This is a good feature I never even thought about. Good work Monzo.

And OP, don’t blame yourself. It’s an addiction and it’s good that Monzo can help you.

Thank you everyone and appreciate the kind comments.

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