Disable Atm Withdrawals Feature

I think it might be a good idea if some of monzo customer’s have a gambling problem or spend loads of money and they dont wanna maybe add a feature like the gambling block where we can block atm cash withdrawals

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At the bottom of the settings you can block gambling transaction. :wink:

It does not work with ATM though.

yh i know whay i mean is there should be a feature like the gambling block for atm withdrawals

But how could :monzo: differentiate between a normal ATM withdrawals and gambling ones :exploding_head:

no what i mean is say you have a gambling problem and u know u will try to withdrawal cash you have the option to add it on to your monzo account you dont have to use the block but might help some people stop withdrawal money for gambling

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What would happen if you needed cash though? Most people do at some stage even if it’s just the occasional £10

monzo do something i was told where u can lower the cash withdrawal limit

Yes but you have to ask in chat. Don’t think it would be a frequent enough request for there to be an option in app to do this

if people dont want it they dont have to add it but im sure some people will use it

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Yes sure there are some who would and it would be very useful but unfortunately that could be said about a hundred features. Nobody wants to have endless pages of toggles to look through, it would be messy and you might miss something really useful in the middle :pensive:
If you ask in chat they might suggest something else equally useful that you didn’t know was an option :+1:

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they dont have any other options

Did they limit withdrawals for you?

they can do it but the option to block atm withdrawals for me would be better

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You can ask in in app chat to have your atm withdrawal limit lowered


yh i know but the idea of being able to block atm withdrawals if customers want

Fair enough I’m sure Monzo will take it on board!

hopefully it may not be for everyone but as i said im sure some monzo customers would be grateful if they could block them taking money out of atms just to waste gambling

What is the point though? If you can block it and unblock it in app yourself it woudn’t prevent you from spending cash.

Say, you block it because you dont want to use cash to gamble. You change your mind because you have an urge to gamble so you unblock it in a second from the app and withdraw cash :thinking:

no what i was syaing before so its like the gambling block u have to contact monzo and they will do it within 24 hours

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Ok get you. So the delay function would help to control the sudden desire to gamble. It makes sense, in this case! :grinning:

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