Ability to exclude received payments from monthly budget

I have a monthly budget of £500 general spending, however, yesterday my partner transferred me £500 which I moved straight away to my holiday pot. I couldn’t exclude from monthly budget - it therefore looks like I’ve not spent any of my budget this month - highly annoying! The need is definitely there to be able to exclude monzo to monzo payments from summary like you can with purchases on monzo accounts - I was considering going full monzo but it’s little things like this that are stopping me

when you tap on the transaction does it not come up with this screen "exclude from summary " ? mind you you could be right for monzo to monzo payments :man_shrugging:

No option for this on payments received from another monzo account unfortunately - only when receiving a refund from a shop do I have this option!


yes sorry, ignore me :slight_smile:

Just seen the edit to your first post! Yes it’s the monzo to monzo which is an issue!

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I had this problem, did you send them a payment request? It was happening on my joint account whenever I sent payment requests to my partner, it was annoying but then I figured out that if he just transfers the money himself as a transfer rather than following a payment request by me this won’t happen.

It might be that the reason it won’t happen when he transfers is because the joint account is also his so Monzo treats it as him just transferring money between his own accounts, but if this did happen to you after you sent a money request then ask your partner to transfer you a pound or something without you sending a request first to see if that works.

I think I did send him a payment request, though not 100% sure as he has me as a contact anyway - this is good to know for the future though. I guess the point is we wouldn’t need to find ways to play the system like this if all payments in and out - no matter where they have come from, came with the option to exclude button!

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

I think an Income category would also fix your issue. You can vote for an Income category here:

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