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Wondered if anyone has had this issue (pre-pay card). I made an order online at Hollister (Abercrombie & Fitch) and paid on my Monzo card via PayPal. Money was taken straight away as just would expect to see on the app. Today I woke up to a refund but had the email from Hollister yesterday to say the order had been shipped. Will this amount be taken again do you think? Is it all stuff that would normally be behind the scenes and I wouldn’t have noticed had I paid by credit card? Any thoughts much appreciated.

Interesting your’re having the issue when paying via PayPal.

Sometimes the merchant (PayPal) doesn’t submit the pre-authorisation for settlement and the authorisation is effectivly cancelled. In a couple of days another transaction will be created to take the money out again (for real!).


I recently experienced a similar issue.

Bought tickets to a gig on Monday 7th August, then had the transaction refunded on Sunday 13th.
I rang the venue thinking the gig had been cancelled but as far as their systems were concerned they were still showing as Order completed and the gig was still going ahead.
Got the money took out again on the Monday 14th with a note on the transaction stating ‘Delayed from Monday 7 Aug’.

Didn’t mind either way but was a bit confused.


@crablab @JBirdV1 Thanks guys, that makes sense. I will make sure I don’t spend that money in the meantime!

If you do, you’ll just go negative and probably got a concerned email for COPs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t get paid until tomorrow so I was down to my last £10 but now I feel rich :joy: