Ordering from Amazon US - be careful

I ordered an item from Amazon US a couple of weeks ago. They sent it via Fedex, who managed to deliver it to the wrong address. Fedex admit this. But amazon pass risk onto the customer once they hand it over to the carrier, so they wash their hands of it.

Not good. Caveat emptor.

So if Fedex have accepted liability what are they doing about it?

I assume the package is insured or something so you can be compensated for your loss? :confused:

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Sounds like it is FedEx’s problem and not yours!

Whilst I agree Amazon can’t do much about it - the risk surely passes onto the carrier, no?

Until it hits your “safe place” or you sign for it - you can’t be liable for the product surely?

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Maybe see if you can see anything about American consumer law, if it’s anything like here it may be the responsibility of the merchant until delivery.

Was the FedEx compensation enough to cover the value of the product?

Technically it’s Amazon’s responsibility until you receive the goods. If they refuse to do anything, you should bring it up with Monzo. Ask them to do a chargeback.

You should never have to speak to the courier directly, since your contract is with Amazon not them. You should get compensation from Amazon. They can seek their own compensation from the courier.

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Is the seller actually Amazon or a business? Sounds to me like its a business trying there luck

You should really try talking to customer support. I was able to return a faulty food processor to Amazon.ca for a full refund over a year after purchasing it from a third party seller. They asked me to contact the seller first, but when they refused to help, Amazon sorted it. They even paid for the return shipping costs.


I’ve talked to Amazon twice now - they deny responsibility and point to their T&Cs which state that once they hand over the goods to the courier the risk is transferred to the consumer.

I’ve asked fedex for their claims procedure

Obviously different consumer laws at play, but I’ve never had such an issue with Amazon UK.

Especially if you order an item with Prime delivery. Returns happen without question and missing items reimbursed almost immediately often with a small gift card credited to my account as an apology :man_shrugging:

The delivery company which Amazon use around my area are far from great and have been known to even leave your parcel in next doors recycling bin without leaving a ticket through the door… I believe they are paid (Poorly) per parcel delivered, so I often get a notification to say the parcel was handed to resident when I’m not even in, to find it has been dropped over the garden gate when I get home, but atleast I get it.

There’s the old adage that if you don’t like what you hear from one customer service rep, hang up and try a new one…

I did.

Chatted to a new rep who instead of hiding behind their T&Cs, apologised for the failed delivery and refunded me. :+1: