A report describes high turnover and toxic workplace culture at finance startup Revolut

Looks like things aren’t going over too well at Revolut.

“Another alleged that the company turned off anti-money laundering software”


After reading the article and after the wave of bad PR they’ve had recently, I decided to checkout Revolut on Glassdoor.

Weirdly enough, they’ve had 6 employee ratings today! And they’re all pretty positive. Coincidence? :face_with_monocle:


I think the more interesting bit are the allegations it switched off their anti money laundering software for 3 months

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He also says that the company has reviewed all of the transactions that occurred during that period, and that no money laundering had occurred.

No money laundering in a three-month period? At all?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.


And now an accusation of actively helping to facilitate or cover up fraud:

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They’re having a bad time of it of late, aren’t they?



Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Given what I have read about these guys in the past they have a real, ask for permission later approach that I don’t like.

I hope someone stops them before it becomes a serious issue.

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This is a very simplistic take but when startups gain large sums of revenue it can often taint their view on things. The focus becomes less on making a product on people love and more about chasing that next investment round and increasing profit margins

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Totally agree! I really hope Monzo don’t get tempted to take the easy road!


Wow - this Revolut stuff really seems to be picking up steam doesn’t it.

Saw a few articles about them supposedly lining up a $500m funding round with Softbank late last year - not surprising it doesn’t seem to have materialized given all this. They could be in a very precarious situation if they’re not able to raise funding while these investigations are going on - and they’re well known to be burning through capital very quickly…

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