A query about OneDrive.....anyone?

I’m trying to share a file from my iPhone to my Onedrive storage. Been doing it successfully for ever - not now.

  1. Sync of photos works fine
  2. No other issues

Here’s what I’m getting. Any ideas, please?


I’ll try that … nope :smirk:
And I’ve reinstalled the app.

A workaround could be to use the new Files app and export the file into there. The app can now access third-party storage such as OneDrive. You might need to open the files app itself before and enable OneDrive like so:

Thanks @Rjevski, I’ll take look. Bloody annoying though…:rage:

Whilst doing that I disabled the existing “Onedrive” option thus:

Then attempted to upload with the “more…” -> “Copy to Onedrive” option.

Bingo :grin::+1:


Just a word of warning I’d be very careful with the iOS Files app. I used it to upload some documents to OneDrive which then disappeared and then the links I downloaded them from had expired which was a bit annoying.

Since then I just use OneDrive’s own upload feature similar to the OP but occasionally get issues depending on the network I’m connected to. Easiest way for me was to switch to/from 4G instead of WiFi and it seemed to jig it.

I regularly have the issue but luckily it doesn’t persist.

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Thanks, @TTJJ.