[iOS] Large Backup Size (Over 5GB!)

Issue: Backup Size

Details to reproduce: N/A
OS: iOS 12.1.4
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: TestFlight

Is this normal for Monzo? When I backed up last, the app was 2.6GB and then today has jumped to 5.37GB. Seems way too high compared with everything else.


Where are you finding the breakdown of the backup? For the life of me I can’t find it on my iPhone.

Found it!


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Are custom pot images stored locally? Maybe it’s large photo files.

I only have one pot. I’ve just deleted and restored to the App Store version, so will see if it happens again.

Hmmm mine doesn’t seem to be that large


I’m sat at 638MB, with all custom pot images (5 high res images) and a fairly hefty feed history

I haven’t seen a backup that large since I realised that the VLC backup backed up all stored media (and that was 23GB in size)…

The only thing I can think of is maybe there’s a large cache of merchant icons? But then 5GB worth…

Could it be receipts?

Have never uploaded any receipts and only have one custom pot image :see_no_evil: so not sure!

At the top of your image where it says “loading” beside “next back up size”, I found once that had completed loading my Monzo backup size was significantly larger than the initial size shown when it was still loading. Did this happen to you?

iPhone X
iOS 12.1.4
Monzo 2.39.0

Hey…so it went up a little bit but nothing major


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I’m sure we’ve seen this thread before but search says otherwise. Strange.

I believe that was for the app size, rather than the backup size.

Ah! That would be it. Thank you.

I’ve got 9.66 gigabytes backup. Something is very wrong here. Thanks for highlighting.


Crash dumps/debug logging? (if they’d get backed up)


Still backing up to a huge size, even after I’ve done a fresh install.


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Yeah there’s definitely something not right with these backups on iOS.
It’s the only app on my list where the size of the backup is larger than the the actual space the app is taking up on the device.

Backup size:


On device storage space used: