A purchase of £50 or less that’s made the biggest positive impact? 🤔

Here’s one the team spotted over on Reddit in r/ukpersonalfinance

You can find the original post here:

I asked the content team their answers and here’s what we’ve got:

Alan - Crocs (no regrets)
Rich - Cushion :egg:
Bea - Fancy grater :hocho:
Juan - Kettle for mate production :coffee:
Roch - Art for her cat :cat2:

What’s been your positive impact purchase? :eyes:


Surely Monzo needs to give you a final written warning for this :nauseated_face::sweat_smile:


60% of our team owns/treasures Crocs.

Honestly the comfiest option :pray:

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You should disclose this when people are opening an account.


Lot of Crocs hate not enough hearing what you lot would class as your biggest impact purchase? :eyes:


Chilly’s water bottle.

Expensive when the £4 ones in Tesco probably do the same. But #snob and I like better design.

I’ll keep drinking if the water is cold and it’s right next to me. Which reminds me, I need to go and fill it up.

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I missed out on the hot coral ones :broken_heart:


A handful of Discworld books. They are wonderful escapism and a lovely way to while away some time.


Oooo which ones?

I recently started a series of books by Brandon Sanderson - only three books in but they’ve been great.

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I originally started with The Truth and then I read the Guards series. So to faithfully stick to the question I would recommend those. But you can’t go wrong with any of them really (so long as you don’t start with the very first book, it should be read later once you love the series as it isn’t the very best one).

I haven’t heard of Brandon Sanderson so I would love to hear how you get on!

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Got to be the 1.8 litre one :sweat_smile:



I really want one of the coffee ones, but I don’t drink coffee :rofl:

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Does tea and hot chocolates too!


I ditched my Chilly’s bottle for a Hydro Flask. :sweat_smile:


I’ve struggled to think of something, until this morning. My joby.com Gorilla tripod has been fantastic on my weekend away for selfies with a view.

My Victorinox Classic SD in Style Icon - 0.6223.G

Other half has had one on her key ring for years and swears by it.
I thought I’d have little or no use for one… until I’d got one.
Now used almost on a daily basis.

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I suspect that wouldn’t be legal to carry in Scotland without a good reason sadly.

Seems that it might legal if the blade folds and the cutting edge is less than 3”. Scotland is a little different. R-