The joy of socks

Spent some time with Starling at their Southampton event this evening - came away with these!

Monzo, where the Hot Coral socks at?!


Don’t they send these to people as an apology too? :laughing:


And as a thank you.

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Thought about heading over from Portsmouth, but I have been feeling a bit rough of late and have Investival on the weekend

How was it? Much of note discussed?

It seems they do now exist :socks:

Would be nice to know if these will be made available to the public in any form or perhaps they are just given out for specific occasions

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I want Monzo socks! :open_mouth:

I like the colourful design. How do I get one? :eyes:



Ok they do look cute I’ll give them that.

Ten! (pairs)

Also the Twitter thread on those links is interesting as always:


Because if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that the Sock Generation Team are also the Long Term Investment Embiggenment team.

Or maybe everyone in the business has been on Sock Duty for the last month?


Just when you think the world couldn’t get screwed up anymore… We now have Monzo socks 🤦

Get me back to Corona virus disaster

I wonder who they’re sent to. Doubt they’ve been sent to many people.

Been with Monzo years and never got any free swag :sob:

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I don’t want any. Ever since someone bought me socks from I won’t wear anything else.

You have my attention. Never heard of these ones in all my sock research. I’d be curious to see how they compare to darn tough socks, currently by far the comfiest most durable socks I’ve owned.

I find merino to be superior to cotton too. Also darn tough is made in the US, and has a life time guarantee, whilst being cheaper. It makes me wonder, what’s so special about those socks to justify the price. :thinking:

I’m super fussy with socks and underwear. There are too many choices and it’s a lot of money to spend working my way through all these companies trying to find which are best.

This is the downside of shopping for clothes online :pensive:

On the one hand, I’m super fussy with socks also.

On the other hand, I’d still quite like a pair of Monzo socks that I can also keep in a drawer with my (as yet unworn) Freetrade socks :sweat_smile:

You’re wearing socks wrong.


Are you telling us you try on underwear and socks when shopping in stores?! :flushed:

Hahaha no, but you can feel and see the quality in person. Whereas online they all claim to be the best and look very similar when it’s unlikely to be the case.

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