A new look for the Account tab

(Beta User) #123

Sorry boss , I missed it. Haha

(Rob) #124

Yer would be useful to see if it is licked and until when.

(Adam) #125

Something like this, maybe

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #126

Me and @nexusmaniac did some mock ups of this too in another topic.

Here is mine:

and here is his:

(Beta User) #127

We need the custom image for the POT. It’s been requested for ages. Would Make Monzo look more personalised with custom images for the Pot rather then the generic images available now.


They are in staff testing :boom:


I was thinking the same about the OD feature seeming like an ad and agree it would be better underneath or hidden for those who don’t use it.


Personally I like the changes a lot.
Apart from the wasted space around the card, especially where it uses multiple lines for PIN and card number.

(Adam) #131

Dunno if it’s a phone-specific thing as mine’s a little less cluttered.


I have font size set a little higher maybe?
I’ve found a few issues with the app with this. Text overflow problems and being cut off etc. It’s a shame the app isn’t a bit more optimised for accessibility.

(NM) #133

Has it been released to more people as I just got the update and I didn’t have it before

(Jai Sullivan) #134

I’ve never really understood the overall design for the blue buttons to be honest — why aren’t they redesigned into something that aligns more to the iOS and Android equivalents? Maybe it’s just me :eyes:


Must have done, I’m now seeing the new account tab also.


The blue buttons do seem a bit… Random

(Peter Shillito) #137

Weird. The iOS one (still with the old layout) just says “numbers”, which is better than “PIN & card number”.

(Nathan) #138

I also prefer the lowercase instead of the capitals for some reason on ios :thinking:

any update on when this screen will be available on ios?


I quite like it - apart from the massive add to GPay button that I can’t get rid of :roll_eyes: (Card is already in GPay and I can’t remove and re-add because of subscriptions).


I don’t see it normally, but if I freeze and unfreeze my card, the ‘Add to GPay’ icon reappears until I come out of and back into the Accounts tab - anyone else have this bug?


Looks like a bug worth reporting: https://community.monzo.com/c/customersupport/bugreports


I know Monzo have said it’s coming soon to iOS but… am I the only one who is force quitting and reloading their app multiple times a day hoping for the new account screen to appear? :joy::joy: