A new look for the Account tab

(Richard) #143

Nope…I’m doing that too

Really cannot wait for this design!

(Kieren) #144

I want to get excited for it on iOS - but I haven’t thought about it arriving yet as Making Monzo explicitly states “we have started rolling this out to our Android users”

I would quit like for Custom Pot Images and the New Account Screen to land at once on iOS

(Jordan Taylor) #145

Blue is used as an accent colour throughout for things like links and also the typical rectangular buttons, not just rounded ones. It contrasts well against the navy blue backgrounds too.

Here’s a perfect example:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #146

I had this. It was a subscription to Googles own API that prevented me from deleting it. I temporarily changed this to a different card, removed the card from Google Pay and then re-added it. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I have loads of subscriptions coming off this card so I can’t remove it from gPay without first transferring all the subscriptions…

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #148

Can’t you just add a new card and set that as default? Does this not update all your subscriptions automatically?


Oh there is a way, I think. You have to do it on: pay.google.com

I can’t remember exactly what I did but I had that problem too.


I love the pots but I really really want more cross-function with my monthly budgets. As an example, I’ve set up a pot to save up for something that will cost more than my monthly budget for shopping. So I’ve planned ahead and set up a scheduled payment to my pot so that by the time the item is available I’ll have enough in the pot to buy it, and I will have stayed within my shopping budget every month, spreading the payment. It would be great if I could assign a budget category to money that goes into a pot, so that it’s counted as part of my monthly saving, and then when I buy what the pot was intended to save for, I could select the transaction in my feed and select the pot that should fund it. In essence the app would be acting as if I’d spent, say, £10 a month rather than nothing for several months and £100 in one.

As a separate note and somewhat contradictory - I would also like it if transfers to other bank accounts had the option to NOT be included in monthly budgets. I recently moved some money from my main account to my Monzo account, but due to my stupidity I had to move some money back over to my main account, and was forced to assign a budget category to my payment to myself! Now the app says I’m WAY over budget for the month! Thankfully it resets tomorrow but still annoying.

Anyway these are two minor points, I’m loving Monzo, it’s giving me a much greater sense of control over my money and I’m excited for the future of the app :slight_smile:


To your last point: if you tap into a transaction’s detail page and scroll down, there’s a toggle for excluding that transaction from your Summary budget.


Aha! Thank you for pointing that out! Much appreciated :smile:

Edit: BROOOOO is that Hawk Guy?!

(Paul) #153

Pressing the pot no longer shows the details on iOS. Anyone else experiencing this?

(Michael) #154

Yes. Press the actual number above it, and it should work.

(Paul) #155

So it does. Thank you. That’s a change!

(Michael) #156

Yea, I think it’s in anticipation of the new account page, but I have no idea. Bit annoying (and confusing) for users! :frowning:


It still works for me on iOS by just tapping the pot image.

(Michael) #158

I’m on the latest version in TestFlight, are you using the latest version in the App Store?

(Paul) #159

TestFlight for me


Ah ok! Yep just App Store version not TestFlight.


Hey @edwoollard any update on when we might see this on iOS? :blush: thanks.

(Frank) #162

Do we have a final eta for when this will be rolled out to all? It seems to be taking some time :thinking: