Changing 'Pots' Layout

Hello! :grinning:

Is there any update on the cosmetic side of the pots tab?

As superficial as this may seem its one of the main reasons i have yet to go full monzo.

Being able to add your own pictures, changing them to a custom order or maybe just changing the layout so i can see all my pots in one screen would be much more user friendly to me.

As awesome as the pots are, scrolling all the way through them to transfer some money in/out in getting to be a pain. Also my incredibly poor memory isn’t helping, as i often find myself comparing the amount in each pots for things car/holiday etc. But since i instantly forget how much i had in the last pot i have to scroll all the way back to check. I know in reality this takes about 1.5secs, just feel it would be better to at least have an option to check all pots at the same time.

Stuck having the same stock images is getting very boring - any update on getting new stock images or better yet the ability to add our own?



I’d mentioned this in another thread. Really want to be able to view my pots a lot more easily. All the scrolling along for me does not equal a good user experience! I’d like to at least have the option to show them as a list or in a grid.


I don’t care about custom pictures, I’d just prefer to see them as a list and be able to re-order them. All the scrolling really impacts the user experience for me. Pots on JA are also very important to me


No updates yet. :soon:

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I really really want custom order :frowning: it can’t be that hard to do :confused:


Yes, I too would like to see custom order, changing the pot pic, but I’ll add I would like to be able to use more pots for things such as individual bills and the like.

I tried several pots for each bill, but there is a limited amount of pots you can have.

I currently have just one pot called ‘bills’, which works, but I have to have a note on my phone to see a breakdown of each bill.

One better, would be to be able to click the pot and see a breakdown inside each pot of targets etc.

And of course, the biggest request would be to be able to withdraw money from inside each pot with direct debits or standing orders.

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+1 for pots in a list on one screen. Requiring horizontal scrolling is bad UX IMO