A new look for the Account tab

(Tom Halloran) #21

Really nice! So much better to be able to see all of your pots balances by just scrolling down, and feels like the right balance between current account and pots.

Only feedback would be on the wording - at first I wasn’t sure what ‘my money’ and ‘my account’ meant, since ‘my account’ would normally mean bank account (I thought of ‘my current account’). But get that now. Still think that maybe ‘My Account’ could be called ‘Personal details’ or something? At the moment you have Account tab > My Money and Account tab > My Account, which seems like an odd hierarchy

Still looks great and much improvement on the current design

(David Walton) #22

It doesn’t appear to be so on Android yet. (I’m on the beta v2.30.0) :crying_cat_face:

(David watson ) #23

It’s not on ios yet either, stil to be released.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #24

I updated mine earlier this afternoon (on iPhone) and it has the details when pressing the pot image. So it must be out there, just taking a while to get to everyone.


I’m on version 2.29.0 #498 as of just now. No enhanced Pots. R-

(#savetheseabass) #26

It’s on 2.30.0, just downloaded it

Edit: and it’s so good :heart_eyes:

(Nathan) #27

Found a small bug…
I created a pot on new years eve and once i now click into its new pot details screen its showing some odd details. No idea why its showing this? Possibly transactions from an old pot somehow?

(Kieran) #28

Did you have a pot with the same name before?

(Dan) #29

I don’t have this… any ideas? On TestFlight? 2.30.0

(Kieran) #30

Tried force closing the app?

(Dan) #31

Yep… I feel a delete and install coming on!


I got it from the App Store update today which was 2.30

Like the work so far. Hope the finished product isn’t to far off as it looks awesome!

(Dan) #33

Guess I will just have to wait for mine :frowning:
Are custom pot images in there then?


No it’s still basic - still horizontal which I was hoping would have gone by now and you tap in to a pot to see a bit more detail that previous

(Dan) #35

Turns out… I was being thick… I thought the new accounts tab was live too, miss read it… clicking on a pot does indeed bring it up! :rofl::rofl:


Just checked and this has updated on mine, too.

Question - how does this happen when the app hasn’t updated since 9th January?


Many features are added to the app but suppressed using feature flags which can be controlled feature flags. Allows you to release new features with out an app update and also control the rate of release, test etc etc

(Nathan) #38

Nope its a new name :thinking:

(Paul) #39

Great addition to the pots. Some though are showing incorrect Deposits and Withdrawl totals

(Adam Ash) #41

Looks great! Is there a ‘BETA’ group people are signing up to in order to get this functionality early?