Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(MikeF) #497

That’s just bizarre. I’d love to know why anyone even bothered to define that sort of timing!

(Michael Gibson) #498

I use pots to help my budget and i set aside money on a monthly basis for yearly bills, monthly expenses (petrol, groceries etc) and savings. This has left me with a lot of pots jumbled in a random order. Would it be possible to add a feature to reorder this pot list? Or even allow pots to be placed within a folder like structure so categorising them could be made easier?

(Dan) #499

I have a load of pots for various future payments, but I also have a couple I use for monthly budgeting - “Fuel”, “Groceries” etc, which I frequently transfer between as I make purchases. Trouble is, with so many pots (and no way to order them) it takes some scrolling and makes it hard to compare pot contents etc.
Could we have an option to disable the pot image, so we just get a list of pots, maybe also make all the additional options below each card collapsible so it just makes a concise list of pots and their values? Maybe enable tapping on the pot name to re-display the collapsed options?

Some quality mock-ups:
QualityMockup2 QualityMockup

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #500

Nice mockups!

How’s about shrinking the image? :wink:

Monzo are planning on redesigning the pots, it’s really close to completion too :heart_eyes:

There’s been a bunch of cool feedback over in this thread :sunglasses:

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(Dan) #501

Oh nice! I’ve not seen those designs - far better than my attempts! :joy:
Will check out the pots thread now.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #502

Discussion on the new designs that @nexusmaniac kindly posted is here… :slight_smile:

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(Richard) #503

Any timeframes on this that Monzo will leak to us?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #504

The last I heard was that it’s not far off and I can see it is in the ‘coming soon’ section of Making Monzo:

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(Richard) #505

Monzo don’t do definitive dates do they? :laughing:

(Kieran) #506



:mondo: :soon:

(Adam) #508

Two improvements-

  1. Reorder pots
  2. List view toggle for pots
((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #509

You can now vote on features! :partying_face: .

So jump over to here and vote for the ability to sort the order of pots :point_down:

(Rowan Blackwood) #510

Any news on a committed spending pot? I really would like to see this come to fruition.


The last update was a very rough around the edges version was being staff tested. No plans to bring it out so far I’m afraid.

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(Danny Martinez) #512

@Rowanski check this out: Committed Spending/Bills Pot - feel free to vote!

(Rowan Blackwood) #513

Done thanks!

(Andrew Breed) #514

Could we have a pot feature that allows you to “lock” for X amount of time? The fact that I know I can withdraw at any point means I end up spending my coin jar.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #515

You already can lock your pot until a set date, if that’s what you’re referring to :thinking:

(Andrew Breed) #516

I didn’t actually realise that feature existed, so thank you!