A link that proves you spent money on something to be used in third-party disputes

Hi. I’ve had a couple of times recently where I’ve needed to take things back when I had lost the receipt (lost wallet actually). In each case I could take a screenshot of the transaction and show it to the till assistant. However, this works in person and works less well at a distance.

Idea below is for a link generator from transactions that gives you proof of transaction that you can send to customer support at whichever company it is.

This is how it would work:
1: Find historic purchase from Next for some smart new trousers.
2: Proof of purchase link creates URL that I can forward to Next customer support.
3: Next customer support follow the link that shows them “Andrew spent 24.99 at Next on 03/12/2019” (it clearly can’t tell it was a pair of trousers but is additional evidence). It has a big green tick and it’s clear it’s an official Monzo link.
4: The customer support operative believes me enough to let me return the item or the insurance company believes that I booked the plane or the fraud squad can see the transaction for the car or HMRC can see that I paid them - without showing them additional information about my purchasing habits.

This would also be handy for showing cash machine companies who might have kept your money that the transaction happened and was not refunded.

Proof of payment for fines, student loans, the VAT man. Actually there’s quite a lot of use cases for this.

tl:dr - a link that can be shared that certificates that a transaction happened using Monzo’s brand as the trust.

Just an additional thought. The link would show all associated metadata of the transaction in case that helps the case i.e. geographical data, merchant data, whatever is shared with the bank along with an explanation of what the metadata means.

This may be of Help in the mean time.

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Nice idea. I think the intricacies need to be refined quite a bit but it’s definitely solvable.

There is also the option to add a picture of the receipt!

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I think a combination of this:

and this:

would be best without over engineering something new.

Certainly a nice to have, but I’d rather time and resource was spent on other (what I deem to be) more important features :slight_smile:

This is why it’s votable. The good, easy or interesting ones will float to the top.

Other use cases:
“Hi darling, as you can see I paid the dog-walker” - sends link
“Please don’t take my TV, as you can see I paid the bill earlier” - shows Monzo webpage
“I am entitled to these goods, as you can see, Monzo says I paid you last week”

Nothing like a bit of evidence in an argument!

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“I have a court order,” the baliff will say. “I have to carry it out today.”

You’d have more luck with “The TV belongs to someone else, and here’s their bank account showing the payment to prove it.” Baliffs won’t take what you don’t own. That’s why they also don’t take cars that are on finance; the finance company owns them at that point, not you.

Best case, you have to pay the baliff what they want, but you use the evidence to appeal and claim the money back later.

I get the use case, but I feel if I were to need to demonstrate this beyond a screenshot in the app, I’d use a statement instead.

Is it worth development time? Well sure the votes will decide, but personally I think existing features do the job well enough as it is.


If your partner doesn’t trust that you’ve paid the dog walker then officials aren’t going to believe you either :rofl: Plus they’re more likely say “who are Monzo?” :speak_no_evil: :laughing:

If you think it’s a good idea then that’s cool. I’m only joking :wink:

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