A huge thanks! Monzo was brilliant with my pay dispute

Just wanted to say what a fantastic job Monzo did with my pay dispute. This bed company and its rotten customer service staff did their utmost to say that over 300 pounds taken from my account for a bed didn’t exist and subsequently did not givve me the bed I ordered, despite order documents, and the money they took, proving otherwise!

Monzo’s facility for disputing payments said it would take until December to settle. As it turned out, I got the money back today. I just want to thank their human staff (not the bots) for really taking their time to explain what to do, and getting this done within two months. I wasn’t hopeful, but this was great news in an otherwise completely crap week. Thanks, Monzo! No shill or sock puppet here.


Hi Johnathan! :wave:t3:

Thank you so much for the feedback, and it’s great to hear we’ve managed to resolve this for you sooner than December.

I will be sure to share this internally :blush: