Missing Tom!

Perhaps a silly topic but… :grimacing:

I know that Tom has stepped down as CEO from Monzo and is now President but I have to admit I miss hearing from @tom!

I know there are many more people now that make Monzo what it is but I always found Tom’s passion and knowledge of all things fintech and Monzo itself to be really engaging and valuable.

I also understand it’s been a difficult few months with the affects of Covid, for all businesses, but it would be good to know Tom is still around! :blush:

If you’re there @tom, say hi! :raising_hand_man:t2:

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25 April 2019 :neutral_face:

His last posts were when #useyouroverdrafttobuysharesgate and #gamblinggate were kicking off. Then there were a few TV/online appearances and then silence.

Agree on missing the insightful participation - it added a certain air of approachability to the bank.

I hope he just drops a one word comment like ‘sup’ :laughing:

Not really sure what more he could do or say? I’d rather have detailed updates direct from the team working on stuff rather than brief summaries from people who arguably have far more important things to be doing.



Oh wait, im not Tom

Id love to know what these are, whats his role look like now. we can only guess

Perhaps he’s spending more time with his artisanal flour :joy:


Rightly or wrongly, I think Monzo now considers itself too big and too newsworthy for regular senior interaction. I don’t think TS has a forum account, or is even particularly conscious of community. And I suspect we won’t be hearing from Tom again.

All sad, and not the way I would have wanted it, but times they change.


Yeah, slump :disappointed:

But what about Bingo? :dog2:


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