4K 27 inch monitor for PC or MAC

Hi there :wave:

I am planning to buy 4K monitor to connect to my Mac and just for casual use. I am not a big gamer and occasionally plays game via PS4.

I am looking at LGUL550 /LGUL600 or LGUL650 but if there is any other recommendation I am more then happy to get some opinion.

Thanks :blush:

This isn’t quite sutable as it’s Mac-only, but I got the LG UltraFine 4k (the latest version that came out last summer) and it’s brilliant - lovely bright screen, incredibly detailed, and works with the Mac seamlessly (it only has usb-c so can’t be used with consoles or other systems). If their other monitors are as good quality as this I would most definitely get one.

I’m looking at a monitor to use for my MacBook and occasional Xbox session.

As soon as you go 4K and above 60Hz refresh rate, you’re into stupid money so I might look into 1440p monitors instead.

I actually use other iMacs as multi displays, in our studio we work on 27" 5k iMacs, I’m the only person that chooses to multiscreen, but we bought 2 of the same models that “werent working properly” for cheap online and use them as displays.

I think they look neater and I’m a OCD when when it comes to using same monitor. size and alignment etc.

If you plug your console into your mac, you can use it as a monitor by using Target Display Mode, Press Command + F2 on the keyboard of the iMac that you want to use as a display.

Loads of people don’t realise you can do it :slight_smile: